Wess and cathryn young community service award

Photo of Wess and Cathryn Young courtesy of  Tulsa World

Photo of Wess and Cathryn Young courtesy of Tulsa World


The Wess and Cathryn Young Community Service Award is given for long-term service to neighborhood and community. It is named for the first President of Brady Heights (1980-1983) and his wife, who both worked actively to develop the Brady Heights Neighborhood Association (now Brady Heights Historic District, Inc.), to get Brady Heights listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and to promote revitalization of the neighborhood.

Wess was a Tulsa Race Riot survivor and traveled around the country during his life speaking about that event. He was also one of the founding members of the Tulsa Preservation Commission, which currently governs neighborhoods in Tulsa which have a Historic Preservation Overlay defining what can and can't be done to historic homes.

Both Wess and Cathryn were inducted into the Oklahoma Neighborhood Hall of Fame in August 2002.

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Award criteria

This community service award is given to an individual who has demonstrated long time service to both the Brady Heights neighborhood and the larger community in Tulsa. Nominees and recipients do not need to be a resident of the neighborhood.

Nominations can be submitted by anyone. The Brady Heights Historic District, Inc.'s Board of Directors vote on the award recipient each year based on nominations received.

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Past recipients

  • 2000 -- J.D. Metcalfe
    • Former Tulsa Street Commissioner and former neighborhood resident.
  • 2001 -- Dr. Betty L. Conrad
    • Resident of Brady Heights for over 50 years, doctor who volunteered at Osage Hills Apartment clinic, winner of numerous awards.
  • 2002 -- Denny Young
    • Custodian at Centenary United Methodist Church who provides unsung service to BHNA and Centenary UM Church.
  • 2003 -- Emily Warner
    • Former City of Tulsa Development Director, Tulsa Preservation Commission member and President of BHNA.
  • 2004 -- Walter Romeo
    • Former Vice President of BHNA, active member of St. Monica's Catholic Church, Knights of Peter Claver and Knights of Columbus.
  • 2005 -- Tim Lovell
    • Former President of BHNA, active in public and nonprofit sector work.
  • 2006 -- Steve Liggett
    • Longtime resident of Brady Heights and Executive Director of LivingArts of Tulsa.
  • 2007 -- Margee Aycock
    • Artist involved in numerous community activities, active member of BHNA and Brady Heights Arts Parkway.
  • 2008 -- Merle Inman
    • WWII veteran, long time property owner and former resident of Brady Heights, active in BHNA.
  • 2009 -- Tim Williams
    • Preservationist, former President of BHNA and member of Tulsa Preservation Commission COA committee.
  • 2010 -- Rev. Dick Bland
    • Long time Pastor of Centenary U.M. Church and supporter of Brady Heights neighborhood.
  • 2011 -- Terry McGee
    • Former Assistant Fire Marshall with City of Tulsa, BHNA board member, board member for Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa, and active in community revitalization on Tulsa's north and west sides.
  • 2012 -- Mike Keim
    • Long time secretary for BHNA, active in Multiple Sclerosis Society MS Walk.
  • 2013 -- Bishop Rick Hollingsworth
    • Former BHNA board member and pastor of the Parish Church of Saint Jerome, he oversaw the historic church's restoration and integrated the parish into neighborhood activities.
  • 2014 -- Bill Packard (awarded posthumously)
    • Brady Heights neighborhood association president in the 1980s, a trustee of Centenary United Methodist Church, and an urban planner who was active in creating community housing for the mentally ill.
  • 2015 -- Michelle Barnett
    • Former President of the neighborhood who wrote the grant applications for the neighborhood arts parkway and added the concept of solar-powered streetlights to the proposal for sustainability. She also has been an active past Board President of Tulsa Partners, Inc. and is a past recipient of the Don McCarthy Millennium Award for Sustainability
  • 2016 -- Nathan Pickard
    • Former President of the neighborhood who has been active in the neighborhood organization for as long as he has been a resident. Nathan oversaw the creation of the Tisdale Food Forest along the L.L. Tisdale Expressway just west of the neighborhood, and has been active in permaculture efforts as well as with Up with Trees in Tulsa, serving as a Board Member for that organization.
  • 2017 -- George and Jana Aveilhe
    • Brady Heights residents and community benefactors, the Aveilhes developed the Brady Heights Community Garden and served as educational curators to visiting community groups. Caring for both individuals and the larger community, they have supported Emerson Elementary, Tulsa area non-profits and locally owned businesses.

wess and cathryn young community service award
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