2017 Events

The approved 2017 Organizational Agenda outlines four major events during 2017, though other events may be developed and added during the year.


In the Brady Heights Historic District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, one of the most commonly cited safety issues is the high rate of speed from automobiles traveling through the neighborhood on N. Denver Ave. and N. Cheyenne Ave., which resulted in at least one serious accident in 2016.

In the interest of calling attention to this issue, we will recruit artists in the community to design decorative and eye-catching crosswalks which will then be drawn in sidewalk chalk to help bring awareness to the issue and the community's creative energy in finding a solution.

The current plan is for artists to create crosswalk designs and attend the organizational meeting on Saturday, February 18th to present them to the neighborhood. Then, a weekend in either late March or early April will be chosen to have a chalk day where the neighborhood will work with the City of Tulsa to establish a block party on N. Denver Ave. to allow the safe painting of these decorative crosswalks.

To sign up as an artist or volunteer for this project, fill out this form online.


Traditionally, Brady Heights Historic District, Inc. hosts a summer cook-out in the community before the Tulsa weather grows too hot to support outdoor events.

More information will be shared as the event grows closer about the date, time, and location for this cook-out.


The biggest fundraiser for Brady Heights Historic District, Inc. is its biennial Historic Home Tour. During the Historic Home Tour, guests are able to walk through the historic neighborhood and enter select homes to get a closer look at the bungalows, foursquares, and other architectural types present in the neighborhood. The tour is self-guided, though guided tours may be considered if there is enough interest.

More information will be shared as the event grows closer about the date and time for the tour.


At the end of every year, resident of the Brady Heights Historic District come together for a Holiday Party to celebrate the year and come together during the holiday season. The party is a pot-luck with residents bringing food to share in the community, and the event features a "white elephant" ornament exchange for those willing to participate.

This year's Holiday Party will be held on Saturday, December 9th, beginning at 7:00PM; the venue will be announced as we get closer to the event.