2017 Committees

The approved 2017 Organizational Agenda establishes the following Committees for Braday Heights Historic District, Inc.; Committees may be added to this list, and existing Committees may be discontinued, per the decisions of the Officers and Board Directors.

Community Garden Committee

Chair: Carol Lambert
The Community Garden Committee has been established to work on the neighborhood's Community Garden, including general upkeep and maintenance of the space, assignment of raised beds for tending by neighborhood and community residents, and advisement of crops to grow and tend to in the Community Garden.

Development Committee

Chair: Julie Miner and Nathan Pickard
The Development Committee has been established to work on various projects within the neighborhood promoting general development for the improvement of the neighborhood. The Development Committee also works to stay aware of development efforts in the surrounding community so that residents of the neighborhood can be informed and help share their feedback on those projects.

Historic Home Tour Committee

Chair: Brian Parker
The Historic Home Tour Committee has been established to plan for the Historic Home Tour event, including the selection of featured homes and other destinations for the tour, pricing and other day-of logistics, and volunteer efforts for the day of the tour.

Home Skills Committee

Chair: Levi Hutton
The Home Skills Committee has been established to provide hands-on instruction regarding how to complete home projects--with a focus on historic preservation--for the benefit of residents and community members. As part of this committee's work, instructional how-to videos may be created.

Mentorship Program

Chair: Twan Jones
The Mentorship Program has been established to identify members of the community to learn more about the roles of the organization's Officers and Board Directors so that those prospects can become part of the leadership core for the organization moving forward. Successful efforts by this committee will reduce burn-out on current leadership members by allowing them to take time off from positions as needed, while ensuring that the organization continues to persist moving forward.

Neighborhood Archive Committee

Chair: Katelyn Parker
The Neighborhood Archive Committee has been established to continue the process of recording the verbal, written, and photographic history of the neighborhood to be preserved in new digital media formats.

Neighborhood Relations Committee

Chair: Tim Lovell
The Neighborhood Relations Committee has been established to recruit a diverses committee membership which encourages a healthy community able to explore and understand differences in race, gender, income, politics, religion, sexuality, and other social identifiers. The committee is encouraged to partner with YWCA Tulsa to help guide these discussions. The committee is also encouraged to identify members of the community who have specific needs or difficulties for which they can receive assistance from the neighborhood organization or be directed to the best source of assistance.

Public Relations Committee

Chair: Brian Parker
The Public Relations Committee has been established to work on communications for the neighborhood through both printed media and new social media. The committee will be responsible for the creation of a print newsletter and other methods of communication to keep the neighborhood and surrounding communities informed of the latest happenings in the area.

Tisdale Food Forest Committee

Chair: Nathan Pickard
The Tisdale Food Forest Committee has been established to continue work on the Tisdale Food Forest, established by Up With Trees of Tulsa in partnership with Brady Heights Historic District, Inc. in 2015. The food forest, located in the east easement of the LL Tisdale Expressway, features over 300 fruit and nut trees which will be harvested in an effort to combat the "food desert" of North Tulsa.

Welcome Committee

Chair: Dani Widell and Jennifer Dalton
The Welcome Committee has been established to renew the tradition of welcome new residents and encouraging neighbors to participate and attend neighborhood organization meetings and be active in the community.

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