2015 Home Tour Pics

Let me start by saying what a wonderful tour we had this year and thank you to all who participated. Homeowners, volunteers, and of course our guests to the neighborhood  all receive a big thank you on behalf of the Brady Heights Neighborhood. I should tell you that our intention was to have the little orange house on the tour, however some of our construction projects ran long and we didn't get everything ready like we had hoped. We thought it would be pretty important to have a from door, so we decided to bow out before the tour guide went to press. It worked out pretty well because Cassandra helped at the check in and it allowed me to run around and grab some pictures of the day. 

In the course of doing the shoot, I got the idea of asking the homeowners what it is about their home that got them excited. I received several different and wonderful answers and tried to incorporate those features in the shoot. I think I'd like to expand on the idea and do home and homeowner features and interviews here on the site in the future. For now though, the link below will take you to a few shots from the day. I'd also like to give a shout out to those who were gracious enough to pose for the camera. I had a lot of fun meeting and talking with everyone and I hope you all enjoyed the day!