I'd like to thank you first of all for visiting our new website. We felt it was time to update our web presence and offer more resources to our community. You will find an updated history of Brady Heights, a very useful calendar of neighborhood and area events, preservation and architectural information, and links to important resources to historic home owners.

There are a few features of the site that I would like to point out. The first is here at the blog. The blog will act as our digital newsletter. Articles seen in the newsletter will be mirrored here so you can access them anytime and in one location. Comments are available in all blog posts and we encourage everyone to create and participate in discussion about the post. We have left comments open to anyone so that we can get some conversations going about these specific topics.

Another part of the site that we are going to rely on initially is the comments section found under the Resources menu. We are going to need lots of feedback and suggestions to make the site the most useful to our neighbors and others who visit. I encourage you to throw out as many ideas as you can about anything that could benefit the neighborhood, and they don't have to be about the website. Events, community efforts, issues, questions, complaints, anything. It will only help us as a community focus our efforts to be better and more representative.

We have plans to add other features to the site as we go forward. Plans to include an archives section, a place to buy Brady Heights swag and event tickets, links to neighbors website, and any other ideas that you might suggest will be added going forward. For now, go through the site, try to break it, comment, contact us, tell us what you think, we would love to hear from you. Thanks again!