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Brady Heights Neighborhood Association's commitment and philosophy is expressed in our credo: A diverse community, preserving our past, promoting our future.The Brady Heights Neighborhood Association is an active, highly motivated, and forward thinking group dedicated to the preservation of our existing housing stock; and promoting sensitive development in a neighborhood that is literally a Tulsa treasure. Our association is committed to restoring and perpetuating the historical character of Brady Heights, as well as improving and beautifying our neighborhood, educating neighbors in residential safety, promoting compliance with zoning codes and ordinances applicable to the area and improving neighborhood and community relationships.

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Brady Heights Neighborhood Bulletin for February/March 2014.

Historic Home Tour

Tulsa's Brady Heights Historic District hosted its Neighborhood Home Tour on Sunday, September 22, 2013. The tour included 10 homes and three churches including the Brady mansion. Ready more about the tour at: home Tour 2013

HISTORY: Most of the homes in Brady Heights were built between 1900 and 1930 boasting 2 homes that were built pre-statehood (1907). The varied home styles in our early 1900s historic neighborhood range from Folk Victorian and Colonial Revival to Craftsman Bungalow and American Foursquare. The houses of Brady Heights are of a larger scale and of a more complex design than those of the adjacent neighborhoods. Bay windows with leaded glass, carriage houses and broad porches suggest the elegance of earlier days.

BRADY HEIGHTS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION: With a mission statement that promotes Brady Heights as "A diverse community, preserving our past and promoting our future," Brady Heights is home to a welcoming group of residents who have invested their time, energy and savings to revitalize a neighborhood and create an urban community. Brady Heights is an authentic walkable neighborhood where people chat from the sidewalk to the porch. The Brady Heights Historic District and the Brady Heights Neighborhood Association (BHNA) were both created in 1980. The neighborhood association is a true residents association of home and property owners, as well as renters. Brady Heights was the first Tulsa neighborhood to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places; in 1999 the area was protected by local Historic Preservation Overlay Zoning.

Brady Heights Historic Home Tour 2013 Committee Co-Chairs: